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God I Hate... :: essays research papers

God I Hate†¦ God, I hate getting up this early. But I only got three months left; then I’ll never have to get up early again. Three more months and this time I graduate. Dads doing pretty good on the railroad job now. Hasn’t been laid off for a couple of years now. David is doing good in the Navy, and my future at Taco Bell is almost a guarantee. Don’t know why this diploma shit is so important to everyone, I’m making 165.00 a week now and I’m only 18! That’s better than some factories and I don’t work as hard as they do. If I wasn’t going to this dumbass high school everyday; I’ll bet I could make 200 or even 225 dollars a week. They’d let me work. I’m the best employee they got. Someday I’ll own Taco Bell. â€Å"Okay! Okay! I’m up damn it!† I yell at Mom as I stare at the clock. Jesus! She didn’t graduate, and she did okay. If she only knew how badly I hated that place! Nothing was the same as it was when I was a kid. Teachers taught for the money. They don’t give a damn about us at all. Suddenly all the guys I’d grown up with were â€Å"black†. That means they can’t be seen hanging with me because I’m now â€Å"white bread†. Don’t remember it bothering them when I’d spend the night at their house or they’d stay over at mine. Now I’m part of the race that owned and sold them. Go figure. I never owned a slave. Near as I could tell, no one in my families past had ever owned one either. Oh well, timed to get ready. School starts in 30 minutes. Mom is already to take me. I think she gets off pissing me off. Was I supposed to do some homework for today? Oh well, tough shit. They’ll get it when I give it to them. Now where are my jeans? God its cold! I hate mornings. I hate school. I hate the teachers. I hate most of the students. Why did I ever go back? Mom is taking me to school in her bathrobe again! Now ain’t that a cool look! Dingy pink nylon. Oh God! She even has the fuzzy pink slipper on! Oh this is a lovely sight. Pulling up to Marion High in a 1972 Ford station wagon driven by a crazy woman dressed in a nightgown and slippers! And pink, raggedy ones at that! Dad could get a better car now; but will he?

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Netflix Case Analysis

Case Analysis: Netflix. com, Inc k JAVK Consulting Company 6/14/2011 600 Civic Center Dr Detroit, MI 48226 Dear Mr. Hastings, Our company JAVK Consulting has examined the Netflix customer model and looked into the company’s five year financial future. We have analyzed Netflix with a scope of entering a rocky internet based company marketplace and seeing success in the future. The company currently is pumping lots of money into marketing strategy in order to growth their customer base and is in turn facing financial troubles while they approach their initial public offering stage.As you read through our analysis of Netflix you will find our company’s thought on your financial performance so far, look into a subscriber model and correlated cash flows, and develop an idea of financing solutions to manage growth. While more users are using mainstream technology such as DVD players, video game consoles, laptops, combined along with high-speed internet the creates a growing e nvironment for a consumers wanting entertainment at their joysticks and fingertips. Our aspiration is for Netflix to have a successful run at an IPO if chosen and manage their customer growth along the way for long term success.Thank you for the chance to help your business thrive. We hope you agree with our financial outlook of Netflix and make a decision that catapults your company into financial success. Sincerely, JAVK Consulting Group Problem Statement: Based on Initial discussion and evaluation, we understand that the launch of Initial Public Offering (IPO) is critical and needs to be evaluated if the company should go forward with the offering, as a result of number of internet companies have been forced to withdraw their IPOs due to market down turn.Secondly the need to show positive cash flows within a twelve month horizon in order to have a successful offering. Third to suggest modifications that would improve the company’s projected cash flows given the fact that t he revenues were doubling every six months. One of the most critical points of success for Netflix depended on the company’s ability to manage and sustain their triple-digit growth into the foreseeable future. Analysis: Technology is continuously facing rapid change which gives a company such as Netflix an exclusive opportunity for a first mover advantage in a new market.The Netflix product is one that can ship easily and cost effectively or be received directly to internet connections worldwide. The definite increase in internet and console users is creating a consumer demand for entertainment that Netflix can fill. This versatile product paired with emerging technology has led to rapid growth for the Netflix Company. The basic elements of Netflix core products give them an advantage over brick and mortar stores such as Blockbuster as Netflix offers a more personalized movie experience, the same new titles, all along with no time restrictions or late fees.As part of this lon g term objective Netflix’s goal is to grow its customer base and retain users of free trial software. The goal of the free software is to have a positive acquisition rate of free trial users after a month of free service and retain them into the long run future. After retention, the goal of Netflix is to withhold those customers into the long term future by tailoring the Netflix product in a unique way to each customer. Netflix does this by adapting their website interactions for each customer based off of their viewing history and preferences using a unique personal movie finder service.By offering this personalized service video users can find movies they would enjoy and possibly use the Netflix mail service. Theoretically speaking, Netflix performance to date has been positive (although the company has been incurring loss year over year) considering the high operating expenses for the initial years of a new business is common as most businesses make it or break it in their first 2-3 years which seems to be a normal trend considering this industry where the fixed assets increase year over year and the revenue generated on the fixed assets could drastically diminish based on user preference.Netflix has an extremely high growth rate for their revenues as they are doubling every six months. While revenues are doubling in the last year sales and marketing expenses have gone up more than three times. The main objective now is to make sure that after an initial public offering Netflix will continue to create positive cash flows. We believe that Netflix has chosen the subscriber model to forecast its cash flow requirements because it is the most precise representation of how the company receives cash on a monthly basis.Netflix at its core is in the movie rental industry, the only cash inflows received are from subscribers that pay monthly subscription fees. The basic elements of the subscriber model are monthly subscribers, subscription fees, and movie usage including movies rented and shipping costs. Based on these elements costs and revenues can be narrowed down and correlated to individual aspects of the model and accurate cash flows can be formed in order to predict future profitability. The subscriber model is fitting for Netflix for these reasons as subscribers are essentially their only cash inflows.Exhibit A, illustrates the subscribe model premise. In our analysis, we used the subscriber model to forecast future cash flows. This allows us to see potential revenues month to month based on the initial subscriber rate and percentage, while incorporating the cost to your company for each additional subscriber. We have forecasted potential cash flows as well as revenues for the next five years (Exhibit D & Exhibit E). This gives us an idea of where we are going and how we will get there. Currently it costs your company $106. 58(Exhibit B) for the first month of a free trial customer.This cost is offset by paid subscribers and can b e considered a marketing expense. Every month each paid subscriber earns you on average $5. 82 (Exhibit B) in revenue. Netflix should continue trying to obtain new subscribers since there is a positive cash inflow for those customers after a weighted average is formed. Based on the weighted average of customers who stay with Netflix and those that leave there is a positive NPV based on the retention percentages. There are three basic types of customers for Netflix, one month trail exiting users, six month exiting users, and over five year users.Based off the retention ratios after one month 70% of customers from the free trail stay with Netflix, after that first month 42% of the original 70% stay for six months and 28% stay longer than six months (we have assumed it to be of at least 5 years and above). If a customer leaves after one month of free service your company would suffer a loss of $19. 26 (Exhibit B) given the fact that the initial purchase ($98. 28) of DVD(s) can be reuse d ($88. 45) for the other new subscribers by purchasing an incremental of 2 DVD(s) which move to the back catalogue as they become obsolete.Netflix can convert and retain those customers for six months they generate $1. 21(Exhibit B) of cash inflow for each customer. If the cash flow from acquiring new subscribers was negative we would advise your company to take an alternate route for generating cash flows. If your company continues with current business, retaining 28% of initial customers at least 5 years and above, the net present value of your corporation will be $65,851,642 (Exhibit E) based on certain assumption listed in Exhibit E.This NPV of your company after 5 years is based on the weighted average NPV percentages that we determined for each of the three customer categories; one month subscribers, six month subscribers and five year subscribers. Over sixty five million as a NPV is a glamorous number to project but it requires your company to retain the current customer ret ention ratios over the three timeline increments (Exhibit C). If these retention ratios are held strong then we have determined the weighted NPV per subscriber would be $34. 34 (Exhibit C).While this number is far from over sixty five million dollars over the five year time retention span it grows to be exactly that. Conclusion/Recommendation: Based on our analysis we have come up with some solutions to improve your overall cash flows and strengthen the financial health of your company. These solutions are not far from the product that Netflix currently offers so making the changes would not place a large burden on costs. Also, the changes will offer a more customer focused and interactive experience with the Netflix product.Initially your first goal should be to increase the retention rate of potential new trial subscribers. Given that internet users are increasing year over year, we recommend that your company consider online video streaming (video on demand) which will be an out of the box approach. Using the online media streaming can help your company to cut down on sales and advertising cost. Secondly with introduction of online streaming reduce the membership fees to 75% of the current rates which will help you increase customer retention rates.Third, promote revenue sharing which can help increase you marketing base while cutting your expenses. Forth is to promote referral bonus (can vary based on number of referrals provided) which can help you boost your sales through you existing customer base and in return reduce your operational expenses. Lastly to reduce the trial period to 2 weeks (if done by Mail only) and this will result in increase of NPV of Netflix by $25. 8 million (increase of NPV/subscriber from 34. 34 to 44. 10). Netflix is becoming even more personalized and may cut undesired costs such as unnecessary shipping costs.By doing this you will increase your profitability and decrease your cost to acquire a new customer. Another recommendati on is to continue to encourage all online subscribers to rate films. This will encourage other subscribers to rent more movies and help with the automatic marquee queue available to online subscribers. By encouraging this interactive use with the Netflix website the company will have an idea of which DVD’s to spend money purchasing and will be able to keep an updated DVD library that meets the growing demand of new subscribers.To conclude, your company should delay the IPO until the economic condition improves and use this additional time to evaluate some of our recommendation to attain positive cash flows which can play in your favor. Appendix: Exhibit A – Subscriber Model Premises| Cost/New DVD| $ 17. 55 | Shipping Cost/DVD| $ 1. 00 | Number of DVD Initial Marque Queue| $ 4. 00 | Number of DVD Shipped /Month| $ 4. 30 | New DVD 1st Month| $ 5. 60 | Number of new DVD(s) subsequent Month| $ 0. 56 | Revenue /Month| $ 19. 95 | Free trial| $ 1. 00 |Discount Rate| 20%| Exhi bit B -New Subscriber Model| | Free| Paid| Paid| Paid| Paid| Paid| Paid| Paid| Paid| Paid| Paid| Paid|   | M1| M2| M3| M4| M5| M6| M7| M8| M9| M10| M11| M12| Revenue|   | $19. 95 | $19. 95 | $19. 95 | $19. 95 | $19. 95 | $19. 95 | $19. 95 | $19. 95 | $19. 95 | $19. 95 | $19. 95 | Cost of DVD/ initial (one time)| $ (98. 28)|   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | Cost of DVD/ releases|   | $ (9. 83)| $ (9. 83)| $ (9. 83)| $ (9. 83)| $ (9. 83)| $ (9. 83)| $ (9. 83)| $ (9. 83)| $ (9. 83)| $ (9. 83)| $ (9. 83)| Shipping initial DVD's| $ (4. 0)|   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | Shipping new DVD's| $ (4. 30)| $ (4. 30)| $ (4. 30)| $ (4. 30)| $ (4. 30)| $ (4. 30)| $ (4. 30)| $ (4. 30)| $ (4. 30)| $ (4. 30)| $ (4. 30)| $ (4. 30)| Net Revenue| $(106. 58)| $ 5. 82 | $ 5. 82 | $ 5. 82 | $ 5. 82 | $ 5. 82 | $ 5. 82 | $ 5. 82 | $ 5. 82 | $ 5. 82 | $ 5. 82 | $ 5. 82 | Exhibit C – Calculation of Net Present Value per new subs criber|   | *assumes that if a subscriber stays with Netflix longer than 6 months will stay 5 years| Subscribers | 1 Mon| 6 Mon| 5 Yrs. *|   | Probability| 30%| 42%| 28%|   |Weighted NPV per Subscriber| ($19. 26)| $1. 21 | $141. 46 | $34. 34 |   |   |   |   |   | C1| $ (106. 58)| $ (106. 58)| $ (106. 58)|   | C2| $ 88. 45 | $ 5. 82 | $ 5. 82 |   | C3|   | $ 5. 82 | $ 5. 82 |   | C4|   | $ 5. 82 | $ 5. 82 |   | C5|   | $ 5. 82 | $ 5. 82 |   | C6|   | $ 5. 82 | $ 5. 82 |   | C7|   | $ 88. 45 | $ 5. 82 |   | †¦|   |   | †¦ |   | C8|   |   | $ 5. 82 |   | C60|   |   | $ 5. 82 |   | C61|   |   | $ 88. 45 |   | CF By Month|   |   |   |   |Exhibit D – Projection of new subscribers 2000| |   | Revenue Growth rate 1998 –> 1999 | 274%| Existing subscribers| 110,724 | New Subscribers paid status| 303,231 | 30% free| 90,969 | New Subscribers 2000| 394,201 | Exhibit E – Value of Netflix|    | 2000| 2001| 2002| 2003| 2004|   | | | | | |   | NPV per Subscriber| $34. 34 |   |   |   |   |   | Discounted Rate| 20%|   |   |   |   |   | Growth rate per new subscriber|   |   | 49%| 49%| 49%| 49%|   | | | | | |   | Existing subscribers| | 110,724 |   |   |   |   | Value of existing subscribers| | 3,802,273 |   |   |   |   |   | |   |   |   |   |   |New Subscribers| | 394,201 | 587,359 | 875,165 | 1,303,995 | 1,942,953 | Value of new subscribers| | 13,536,829 | 20,169,875 | 30,053,114 | 44,779,140 | 66,720,918 |   | |   |   |   |   |   | Total subscriber value|   | 17,339,102 | 20,169,875 | 30,053,114 | 44,779,140 | 66,720,918 |   | |   |   |   |   |   | Product development| | 7,413,000 | 7,413,000 | 7,413,000 | 7,413,000 | 7,413,000 | General and administrative| | 2,085,000 | 2,085,000 | 2,085,000 | 2,085,000 | 2,085,000 | Total Cost|   | 9,498,000 | 9,498,000 | 9,498,000 | 9,498,000 | 9,498 ,000 |   | |   |   |   |   |   |Total Subscriber value minus cost|   | 7,841,102 | 10,671,875 | 20,555,114 | 35,281,140 | 57,222,918 | NPV of Netflix|   | 65,851,642 |   |   |   |   | Assumptions:| Existing customers pay 19. 95 per month (same as new customers)| Additional cost projected at the same level as 1999NPV of Netflix only includes cash inflow and outflows and have not considered any liquidation value|

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Jane Austen’S Pride And Prejudice Is One The World’S Most

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is one the world’s most popular novels. It was published in 1813, Pride and Prejudice was Jane Austen s second novel after Sense and Sensibility in 1811. It portrays the situation in the late 18th and early 19th century in England. Set in the country village of Longbourn in Hertfordshire The plot focuses on Elizabeth Bennet, the protagonist and her sisters and the constant endeavors of their parents, Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Bennet to get their daughters married to successful and wealthy alliances. The Bennets have five unmarried daughters— Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia. When Mr.Bingley and Mr.Darcy move into the neighborhood the Bennets take this as an opportunity to get their daughters married†¦show more content†¦Bennet whose constant endeavors to get her daughters married to rich husbands are clear in the very first chapter of the novel. The irony lies in the fact that the first line states that a good sin gle man in a possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife but conversely we see that it is the women who make desperate attempts to find suitable matches for them and to preserve and increase their fortunes in future. This line thus gives the readers an insight into the aesthetics and politics of Jane Austen. The 19th century in which the narrative was written was an age of an economic change. But it had a very negative impact on the role and importance of woman. During this time there was a lack of opportunities for women. They were dependent on men to earn a better living and livelihood. This state of woman is very finely highlighted by Austen in her text Pride and Prejudice. According to Diane Morris, â€Å"Pride and Prejudice and Zombies† starts with.† â€Å"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.† He also read one of the similar lines in 811 issue of The Gentleman’s Magazine in the section titled â€Å"Additions and Corrections,† that read â€Å"It is universally allowed that no professional man ever rendered more substantial services to the agriculture of his country than the late Mr. Kent.† Also in John Reid’s 1806 book on consumption, he came across the following sentence in a footnote: â€Å". . . it is a factShow MoreRelatedEssay Significance of Jane Austen1948 Words   |  8 PagesJane Austen is celebrated worldwide, her books have led to movies, television series, and those who admire her life; her talent allowed her to capture her readers with the themes, love, marriage, and expectations of 19th century women. On December 16th 1775, English literature changed with the birth of Jane Austen. One of eight; her father encouraged her to grow and prosper at a young age. She was closest with her only sister Cassandra. The Austen children were educated mainly at home, primarilyRead MoreSignificance of Jane Austen Essay1979 Words   |  8 Pagesof approach to grasp the attention of her readers. She also frequently writes about the expectations of women in 19th century women. On December 16th 1775, English literature changed with the birth of Jane Austen. One of eight; her father encouraged her to grow and thrive at a young age. Jane and her only sister Cassandra were inseparable. â€Å"Cassandra (1773-1845), was Janes closest friend throughout her life and was known in the family for her steady character and sound judgment.†(Kelly) The AustenRead More Pride and the Prejudice 1543 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"The power of doing anything with quickness is always prized much by the possessor, and often without any attention to the imperfection of the performance.† (1) Said Mr Darcy. This is one of the worlds most popular novels, Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice has charmed readers since its publication of the story of the amusing Elizabeth Bennet and her relationship with the aristocrat Fitzwilliam Darcy. During this essay it will explore the construction of characters, in particular it will be ElizabethRead MoreMansfield Park; Empire Orienta lism from Edward Said Essay1437 Words   |  6 PagesSummarise Edward Said’s argument in his essay ‘Jane Austen and Empire’ and then show whether you support or refute it. Edward Said’s analysis of Jane Austen’s narrative in her 3rd novel ‘Mansfield Park’ (1814) is based on his own studies of ‘orientalism’. This term is defined by Said as a variety of false assumptions /depictions of Eastern people within Western attitudes. This is achieved, he argues, through the literary discourse provided by post-enlightenment, post-colonial American/EuropeanRead MoreMen Are The Worst Thing Essay1444 Words   |  6 Pages Louis C.K. has a joke that men are the worst thing to happen to women. The number one cause of death in women, is men. Conversely, the number one cause of death in men, is heart disease (Vafa). Logically, the survival rate of women would rise if heart disease plagued half the population. I suppose we could force feed lard to our male comrades, in the name of women everywhere. However, that seems a little brutal, and very messy. The more humane option is adopting the â€Å"power in numbers† strategyRead More Womens Rights in Pride and Prejudice Persuasion by Jane Austen5483 Words   |  22 Pagesâ€Å"Are women allowed to say No†, in Pride and Prejudice / Persuasion by Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice (whose original title was First Impressions) was written in 1796-1797 when Jane Austen was 21 years old and first published in 1813. It tells us the story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy, who will overcome the pride and prejudice they feel towards each other to find mutual happiness. Persuasion was written between 1815 and 1816. The main character, Anne Elliot, has suffered unhappiness after

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The history of Mintons Playhouse (the jazz club in New York), and why jazz clubs in general were a place people sought refuge Free Essay Example, 1000 words

Since Monday nights were usually the musicians’ night off, these became the most popular night for talents of all calibers to join in on these open sessions. â€Å"For years, at the start of every workweek, jazz musicians from around the city would converge on Minton’s in what Ralph Ellison called ‘a continuing symposium of jazz’† (Feuer, 2005). Musicians that dropped in to play as often as they could included such big-name stars as Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young. It was through these sessions that bebop was given birth as musicians left the strict rules of the directors and the dance floor in order to explore new musical expressions that focused on emotion, energy, harmony and rhythm. Up to this point in time, the early 1940s, musicians had little control over their own music as most of this was controlled by the band directors rather than the individuals. In the smaller setting of the clubs, musician s found the freedom to express their creativity in a way that gave birth to the new form of music. We will write a custom essay sample on The history of Minton's Playhouse (the jazz club in New York), and why jazz clubs in general were a place people sought refuge or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now â€Å"It’s where be-bop was born and took off. The polished acts all went downtown, but the experiments took place here† (Claire Haaga, president of Housing and Services Inc. cited in Feuer, 2005). While Minton’s is credited with the birth of bebop because of this free and explorative atmosphere, the truth is that this creativity was as true of Minton’s as it was of other clubs. â€Å"It’s true modern jazz probably began to get popular there [Minton’s], but some of these histories and articles put what happened over the course of ten years into one year. They put people all together in one time in one place. I’ve seen practically everybody at Minton’s, but they were just playing. They weren’t giving lectures† (Thelonious Monk cited in Baraka, 2003). Despite the interest in this new type of music among an increasingly educated and enthralled audience, it was several years before an y of this type of music became mainstream, thanks to a recording ban that had been in effect (Baraka, 2003). As time went by, though, the crowd at Minton’s failed to continue to live up to its early excitement. By the 1960s, it was reported that most of the music being played there were little more than replica groups of the old days. â€Å"These are groups that are now more ‘socially’ acceptable, and make up the mainstream of jazz, for the uptown mainstream listener† (Baraka, 2003). With the reduction in experimental music and adoption of mainstream music, Minton’s lost some of its earlier appeal.

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How Does Technology Interrupt Social Relationships And...

Moreover, not only does technology interrupt social relationships and slowly eliminate empathy, but it also is a colossal distraction from daily activities and responsibilities, and leads users to waste a lot of time. In the article, â€Å"Attached to Technology and Paying a Price†, by Matt Richtel, Mr. Campbell had been waiting for one of the most important emails of his life for several days until one day â€Å"he finally saw it while sifting through old messages† and realized that the email had appeared in his mailbox 12 days ago. Mr.Campbell states how â€Å"It’s hard to miss an email like that, but I did.† This shows that Mr. Campbell was not entirely focused at the task at hand and was somehow distracted by technology. Richtel explains how â€Å"the message had slipped by Mr.Campbell amid an electronic flood: two computer screens alive with e-mail, instant messages, online chats, a web browser and the computer code he was writing†. The job th at was intended to done with his devices was not and instead distractions like instant messages and online chats were present all due to technology. Not only is Mr.Campbell a victim of technology, but also his wife, Brenda, finds herself trapped in technology’s wrath. Richtel mentions how â€Å"[Brenda] feels less focused and has trouble completing projects [when devices are within sight]†. Therefore, this proves that technology is not only a distraction to those who overuse it, but also to those who simply are in the presence of a device, such as aShow MoreRelatedTechnology And Conversation : Technology971 Words   |  4 PagesRyan Fletcher 09/21/2015 Essay 1 Technology and conversation It is amazing how everyone’s life is changing by through us of technology. â€Å"Technology by definition means, the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science†(Technology). Today people use different kinds of technology like: cellphones, iPods, laptopsRead MoreAnalysis Of Annette Lareau s Unequal Childhoods Essay2261 Words   |  10 Pages In Annette Lareau’s study and subsequent book Unequal Childhoods, she examined the lives of twelve children of different social classes. In particular, she focused on parenting styles within their households and their effects on the children’s future and found a direct correlation. Two of the children from her study were Alexander Williams and Tyrec Taylor, both African-American nine-year-old boys. Alexander Williams grew up in a middle-class household. The Williams’ household was typical in comparisonRead MoreFreemium Business Model21065 Words   |  85 Pages Sweden 2011 Freemium as a Business Model for Mobile Video SERGEJ KOTLIAR Master’s Thesis in Media Technology (30 ECTS credits) at the Media Management Master Programme Royal Institute of Technology year 2011 Supervisor was Christopher Rosenqvist, SSE Examiner was Johan Stenberg TRITA-CSC-E 2011:026 ISRN-KTH/CSC/E--11/026-SE ISSN-1653-5715 Royal Institute of Technology School of Computer Science and Communication KTH CSC SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden URL: FreemiumRead MoreImpact of Internet Thinking4862 Words   |  20 PagesInternet on Thinking | September 24, 2010 †¢ Volume 20, Issue 33 | Is the Web changing the way we think? | | By Alan Greenblatt OverviewRecently at lunch, Eric Wohlschlegel announced, â€Å"I have to take a BlackBerry pause.†Plenty of people interrupt social and business meetings to check messages on their mobile devices. There was a time just a few years ago, Wohlschlegel recalls, when his employer didnt require him to have a BlackBerry. Now, as a spokesman for the influential American PetroleumRead MoreBuad 3010 Text Bank Chp 17600 Words   |  31 PagesMarketing: An Introduction, 11e (Armstrong) Chapter 1 Marketing: Creating and Capturing Customer Value 1) ________ is defined as a social and managerial process by which individuals and organizations obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging value with others. A) Value reengineering B) Human resource management C) Financing D) Marketing E) Root cause analysis Answer: D Page Ref: 5 Difficulty: Easy Chapter LO: 1 Course LO: Discuss the fundamental concepts ofRead MoreGender Discrimination5921 Words   |  24 Pages GENDER DISCRIMINATION By Nkechi AGBOGO TABLE OF CONTENT 1. Abstract 2. Introduction 3. What does sex discrimination cover 4. Sex discrimination possible scenes 5. Forms of sex discrimination 6. Reasons for sex discrimination 7. Policies which should help reduce gender discrimination 8. Conclusion 9. Reference ABSTRACT Gender discrimination is an acute and persistent problem, especiallyRead MoreMarketing Essay7495 Words   |  30 Pagesmodel of the marketing process, the first step in marketing is ________. A) capturing value from customers to create profits and customer equity B) constructing an integrated marketing program that delivers superior value C) building profitable relationships and creating customer delight D) understanding the marketplace and customer needs and wants E) designing a customer-driven marketing strategy Answer D Difficulty Moderate Chapter LO 1 Course LO Discuss the fundamental concepts of marketingRead MoreBusiness7439 Words   |  30 PagesChapter 16 Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility GENERAL CONTENT: Multiple-Choice Questions 1. The marketing concept is a philosophy of customer satisfaction and _____. a. mutual interest b. mutual gain c. innovation d. needs met e. none of the above (Answer: b; p. 495; Moderate) 2. You have just read the latest survey about consumers’ attitudes toward current marketing practices. It reveals that consumers in general hold _____ attitudesRead MoreMarketing: Study Questions6268 Words   |  26 Pagescombination of selling, buying and invention 5. 6. Schumpeterian welfare creation and economic growth comes from a new product that works far better than the old product it replaced. a) True b) False Study Quiz 1. What competitive advantage does North America have that is discussed in this section? a) A superior higher education system b) Most of the world’s capital c) A superior distribution system 2. Wal-Mart has increased the productivity of the whole of the United States. a) True b) FalseRead MoreBusiness Communication8242 Words   |  33 PagesCommunication between the CEO and the managers c. Communication through body language d. Communication within a department Ans:B 8. How to make Oral Communication Effective? a. By Clarity b. By Brevity c. By Right words d. All of the above Ans:D 9. Direct Eye contact of more than 10 seconds can create: a. Discomfort Anxiety b. Emotional relationship between listeners and speakers c. Excitement d. None of the above Ans:A 10. Encoding means: a. Transmission b. Perception

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Elmer Gantry Essay Research Paper The majority free essay sample

Elmer Gantry Essay, Research Paper The bulk of all books are trash. Sinclair Lewis? Elmer Gantry is a great book because it has credibleness, a dateless subject, and it has the necessary action. Any book that can make that is a great book. The credibleness of Elmer Gantry is something that will maintain this book everlastingly great. Although the existent clip period is dated, the secret plan is non dated. Most people can associate to the different characters in the book. Elmer is a grandiloquent football participant who thinks that he is higher than any faith. However, people try, and successfully change over him. He attempts to delight two Masterss at first: his frailties and God. He finally makes the determination to populate by God, but of class he will on occasion gull around with his old frailties, particularly adultery. Most people know person who is like this and still someway succeeds although he shouldn? Ts have. We will write a custom essay sample on Elmer Gantry Essay Research Paper The majority or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Although Elmer is more utmost than the people the reader is likely to cognize, he is still a really believable characters. Another thing that makes this a timeless novel is that it has the needed action to pull the reader who merely wants amusement. Elmer frequently gets into battles that will maintain the reader in the border of their place. He will confront odds that most would run off from, but besides has times when he backs down from a battle, such as when Brother Naylor and Brother Bains confront him about? gulling about? with Lulu. It besides has adequate chances for the modern individual to believe about sex although it doesn? t diagrammatically say what happens. This makes all the sex scenes up to the reader which may disregard them or enjoy on them. A book with this combination of sex and force makes it a book that it is even suited for easy reading for the individual who does non desire to larn anything. Finally, Elmer Gantry is a dateless book because it has a cosmopolitan subject: worlds will ever transgress. It is most evidently seen through Elmer, although it is seen in other characters as good. Elmer has had a history of raising snake pit and being an agnostic. He converts, but still suffers the same jobs. He still drinks, fumes, and has insouciant sex. He gets accused of messing around with one of the parishioners of his first church, and when he is able to get away that ordeal, he so gets kicked out of seminary for imbibing. He takes some clip off as a concern adult male, but ends back in the ministry, this clip in a going evangelism show, kind of the predecessor of televangelists. He gets off of smoke and imbibing, but is still an fornicator, which is his major character defect. He finally gets married, and takes his sermon earnestly. But he still commits criminal conversation with at least two adult females. And merely when the reader thinks that he is traveling to clean his act, he gets back into the rhythm at the terminal of the novel. Although he is the most fecund evildoer in the novel, he has company. Jim, his first true friend, has all the same frailties as Elmer. Sharon is an fornicatress and Frank is an agnostic. Everyone in this narrative has frailties that they will non, or can non, give up. That is true with all worlds, which is what makes the subject universal. Everyone should read a book like this because he can larn something from it. However, many right flying conservative Christians want to ban this book because they say it attacks the Christian faith and is in hapless gustatory sensation. They are wholly incorrect, nevertheless. They should encompass this book as a warning on what non to make.

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Table of Contents Introduction Calculations Discussion Reference List Introduction According to Heiman, a z-score denotes a number of standard deviations from the mean, which can be either positive, if the raw score is above the mean, or negative if the initial data index is below the mean (Heiman, 2003, p. 94). Arising from this, the presented assignment provides several variables.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Z-score as a Number of Standard Deviations From the Mean specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More First, 17 minutes is an average time that Eric takes to get to work. 3 minutes is a standard deviation that is needed to drive from home, park the car and to get to his job. 21 minutes is time that Eric once needed for getting to this work. Therefore, it is considered as a raw score. According to formula z-score equals to: The calculations have revealed that z-score is positive because the initial time taken b y Eric is above the established mean. Calculations If the time Eric gets to his work equals to 12, the calculation of z-score will look as follows: where X is the raw score, is the mean, and Sx equals to standard deviations. The calculations have revealed that the z-score is negative because the initial data is below the established mean.Advertising Looking for essay on math statistics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Finally, if the raw score is equal to 17, it is possible to expect that the z-score will be identical with the raw score. Arising from the above data, z-score will be equal to zero (0) because it is similar to raw value. This can be illustrated by the formula: By converting the data into z-value, it is possible to define the relative probabilities of various scores for average quantities. It also allows to estimate the variations of two different points that dependent on the same mean. Finally, z-scores reveal lower and higher distributions within a datum unit. Discussion The above-presented calculations provide variations in standard deviation from the average distribution score. Due to fact that z-score identifies a raw scores’ location taking into consideration the extent to which it is above or below the mean as presented in standard deviations, the calculated z-scores (1.33, -1.7, and 0) allows use to define to what extent each variable correlates with the same raw score. Although they represent dimensionless quantity, they are still based on number derived from individual raw data (Howitt and Crammer, 2007 p. 46). It should be admitted that positive and negative values of Eric getting to work identifies the speed with which he can traverse the distance from home to work in accordance with the established normal standard deviation. It provides a possibility to evaluate and calculate the time needed for passing the distance and establishing the norms. Due to the fact that norm al distribution curve show a number of data distributions with regard to the average mean, z-scores identifies the deviation from the norms and evaluates the extent the data deviations from the normal distribution. In this regard, a normal curve is a set of values for the mean. Despite this fact, normal curves are based on the same property because standard deviation establishes a constant proportion for the allocation of scores.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Z-score as a Number of Standard Deviations From the Mean specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Consequently, if it is known that a number of scores has a normal distribution and that the standard deviation and the mean are also identified, it is possible to define how many scores can be presented within particular limits. Arising from this, both concepts are closely interdependent. Reference List Heiman, G. (2003). Essential Statistics for the Behavioral Scien ces. US: Wadsworth Publishing. Howitt, D., and Crammer, D. (2007). Introduction to Statistics in Psychology. UK: Pearson Education. This essay on Z-score as a Number of Standard Deviations From the Mean was written and submitted by user Damaris Stout to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.